Day 103 – The art of happiness…

… is to serve all. Tea quotes are definitely one of my favourite things in the world. I bet you that if the sound of music would have been written in the 21th century, there would have been a line in ‘My favourite things’ about quotes on the labels of tea bags. A week ago I wrote about the wonderful moments of having to think about nothing else but a musical on tv and a cup of tea. Another reason why I like tea. In that sense, tea serves the purpose of serving me tiny moments of happiness.

But the quote of today got my thinking. I came home after a long day of traveling and work-related conversations. Although I am very excited about the opportunities I get at the moment, sometimes simple reminders are worth so much more than the price of a teabag.

To serve all. That is exactly the goal that I am going to focus on in the choices I need to make in the coming days and weeks. To serve all. Essentially, that it is the only thing that is going to make my road to success worthwhile. Because I believe that we are all in the world for two things: Serve God and serve each other.

Somewhere along the way, most of us have forgotten what that means. We all go for our own interest and benefits. As long as I am happy, that seems to be the only thing that counts. But I believe that this is a road with a dead end. If you are only investing in your self, using others instead of serving them, I am sure that you will meet a day in which you realise that it didn’t bring you the happiness you deserve.

To serve all. It’s an art according to tonight’s tea bag. To some extend I agree. Because art, creating art, requires work. Hard work, time and effort. I believe it can start simple and small. I am one of those ‘everything can be art’ people, because you will never know how meaningful a simple and small random act of kindness can be. Yet serving others isn’t the easy road. Serving yourself typically is the easy way out.

The question is what you serve your happiness on the long run?

My answer to that question is simply: “I am not here on this planet just for me.”

I hope you will say the same.

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