Day 104 – Fantasizing about futures

When long days become late nights, you know that blog writing isn’t going to happen anymore. After I came home last night (a.k.a. very early in the morning) from an evening with friends. During the card game we played I already realised that my brain didn’t really function anymore, so writing a proper blog wasn’t going to happen. So jeeij! You get to read 3 blogs during your weekend! One of the things we talked about was our future lives. Time is a weird, flowing thing. We all have awfully detailed pictures in our heads. Not of ourselves. From each other.

I love these people with all my heart. We met in the first weeks of college and have been through a lot together in the past years. We still see each other regularly and we can count on each other. Sometimes the moments in between in which we don’t see each other longer than other times. But overall, I appreciate every moment with these people.

That also means we know each other pretty well after 5 years. Resulting in fantasizing about each others futures. In times where some of us have started their first jobs, some of us are in the middle of graduating and other are still studying or going to study again. Our paths diverse and go in different directions, which results in that we claim to know what is going to happen for the other, instead of for ourselves.

But besides the hippie weddings, the dogs and the number of children we predicted, no one really knows what will happen. We don’t know what happens in ten years, next month, tomorrow or in an hour. But no matter what happens, I am looking forward to the next moment we get together again. Or when we meet in ten years with husbands, wives, partners, children, pets, cars and houses to meet.

Let the future begin.

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