Day 108 – Tiny moments of joy

Sometimes I get surprised by how many people like a certain blog that I wasn’t so convinced about in the first place. Like the one from Sunday about my home made bread. So today I was thinking about why that is. What makes blogs about tiny, seemingly insignificant moments in my life, worth while to share? What I have noticed over the past few months is that I pay more and more attention to details. Of course, I use this blog to vent about big ideas and important thoughts, but mostly it is just little random moments in a day that catch people’s interest.

Like my coffee and home made apple crumble. I posted about that in my 100th blog last week. Then one of my friends was like: “I need to come taste that too.” So she did. (That is an invitation to anyone else that is around and wants to taste the apple crumble too.) But not only did it turn out to be a lovely simple dinner with good company. It’s a simple moment in which I enjoy life. Moments in which I am grateful for a warm house, food, friendship, cats, candles and I could keep going for a while.

It makes me wonder if I could give it up. To some extend the answer is yes. I could do without the cats, I can live without coffee or an oven. But I wouldn’t be able to live without moments of peace, joy, friendship and love. But you don’t need things for that. Tiny moments with just a cup of warm coffee are reminders of what truly matters in life. I believe in the power of tiny moments.

Yesterday was Martin Luther King day. He is one of those inspirational leaders that I will always look up to and respect. One of the things he said was that in the end it’s not about how long your life is, but it’s about the quality. Not every moment of your life is going to be wonderful, but each day has a moment that is worth living for and that gives you joy. Maybe that requires a bit of extra attention to your every day life. But I promise you it’s worth it. It’s absolutely worth it.

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