Day 109 – Called for a journey

I would like to share a story with you. A story that I started reading about a week ago. I’ve been reading bits and pieces every night in the last week. It’s a story that I have known ever since I was a child. A story that triggered my childhood fantasy. A story that inspired me as a young leader. A story that fascinated me from the perspective of being a sister. A story that continues to give me input in making life decisions. So here it is, my own take on a very old story.

The story starts with hating Jews, like so many stories do unfortunately. Because of the terror of one leader, young Jewish boys are supposed to be killed. Yet one mother is not prepared to give up her son’s life. One day she decides that giving up her baby boy might be the best way to give it a chance at surviving. She puts the baby in a little basket, says goodbye and does the most selfless thing any mother could do: she lets her child go. Older sisters stays around to check up on the boy. Luckily, the daughter of the leader of the country finds the little baby boy screaming in the river were she was bathing. The older sister immediately takes her chance and offers services of a woman who could nurse the child (a.k.a. her own mother). The princes agrees and the boy gets raised in his own family.

However, the day comes that he is old enough to be adopted by the princes. He grows up in a big palace with everything his heart could wish for. However, he never forgets is heritage. The oppression of his own people continues. One day he sees a servant of his adoptive father hit a Jewish servant. The young adult has his anger issues and get so angry that he kills the servant of his dad. He thinks no one saw what happened and thus he continues his prince life like nothing happened. However, when another incident takes place a couple days later, he is confronted with his own actions. He realises that is no longer safe in his own home and within his own family and he decides to leave.

Far away in the desert he has to find a way to survive. So here the boy meets a girl. Multiple girls actually that are harassed by some local men. Since he is still trying to be the hero, he steps in. The girls are all giggly and grateful. They go home and tell their grandfather what happened. He gets angry with his granddaughters, tells them to go back and invite the man into his house. Hospitality back then wasn’t just a cup of coffee, but also a hand in marriage by the father of the daughters. Since the boy has no where else to go, he stays and lives a nomad type life with his wife.

Flash forward in time. The prince’s adoptive father a.k.a. the leader hating Jewish baby boys dies. However nothing much changes for the Jewish people. They are still enslaved. One day the man is out in the field with his sheep. He is close to a mountain, when he sees a bush in the distance. But there is something weird about that bush. It’s on fire, but it isn’t burning. Since this man is the curious type, he checks it out. All of the sudden a voice calls his name from the burning bush. That’s weird, huh? That’s probably what he was thinking too. But well, if someone calls you from a burning bush, what do you do? You just answer the question I guess. So he answers. The voice tells him to take off his shows, because he is standing on holy ground.

He takes off his shoes and realises that something big is about to happen. The voice tells him who He is. The God of his ancestors. The man realises how far away his people are. While he lived his comfortable life with his family in law, his own family was being tortured. That has to end. God chooses this man, who was adopted, a murderer, and who was too afraid to face the consequences of his behaviour as the new leader of his people. The man isn’t too sure about the task he gets. He doesn’t quite think he is qualified enough. He isn’t sure about why it has to be him and he also isn’t really sure about this voice that is sending him to go back to his roots.

The answer is simple and plain: I AM WHO I AM.

A whole discussion follows. I am not qualified. I am not good enough. Send someone else. Please let me live my comfortable life without this big impossible task.

Eventually the man goes. He continues to have anger issues. He is frustrated. But learns to trust that voice that spoke to him in a burning bush. He becomes one of the most well-known leaders of the Jewish people. His name is Moses.

This story has been resonating with me in the past week. Because it’s a story about leadership and service. It’s a story about not feeling good enough and not knowing the answers to the questions you might have. It’s simple teaches me to trust that I AM WHO I AM is going forward with a plan. All you have to do is be faithful and trust that whatever is going to happen, it won’t be easy, it will definitely include some detours, but in the end you might see just a little bit of the destination.

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