Day 111 – Stability in a shaking world

One-hundred-and-eleven blogs so far. That’s three ones after each other. Although it really doesn’t feel like that, I do think it is kind of awesome. So far so good. 365 – 111 = 254 blogs to go. My blogs have become one of my stable activities throughout my days. Like a pillar in water. On a day in which the world is shaken by a new president, stability is what I need. So as I am writing my blog today, while I am watching an inauguration speech which is just another campaigning speech, I take a deep breath. Where is the stability?

Life is changing. Constantly. Learning to be flexible is going to save you of so much frustration and headaches. But we all need to breath and we all need moments in which nothing is changing around you. When you are in the safety and comfort of your home and know that tomorrow will start in exactly the same way you ended today. A world without news, smartphones, and social media. Nothing changes. The only sound is that of a ticking clock. But that clock doesn’t stop. Even though you might hold your breath for a moment to stay still, you will need to exhale and take your next breath to stay alive. That is the thing about stability. It’s constant, but it’s also moving.

Today the world has a new president. One that everyone seems to know by now. Famous for his rents on Twitter and his patriotic agenda. The world seems more shaken than ever. People just don’t know anymore where it is going. That sense of change, feeling uprooted and lost makes sense. I’ve felt it very deeply in the past few months. But I found new stability. This blog is just one example. I also found it in old friends and my family. Stability isn’t something static. It evolves with you as it evolves through time. But it’s there and you can build upon it.

Even though you might not know in which world you will wake up tomorrow, there will be a new day. Take a second to think about what you have around you in your world that is still there tomorrow? Maybe not quite the same, but then neither will you be. But it’s there because it is important to you and it keeps you grounded. What is there in your life that provides you stability in a shaken world? Cherish it. Love it. Don’t be afraid of the change, but hold on to what keeps you alive. Breath by breath.

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