Day 112 – Winter walk

“What are men to rocks and mountains?”
― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

I love living in Utrecht again. It has the perfect size, a beautiful old city center and everything that you would want in a city. It became home during my first years of studying. So now I am back again. I cycle around from work to train station to friends and back to home. But there is one thing that I miss about the city. The thing that I fell in love again with when I moved back home in the fall: being around in nature all the time.

That was one of my main motivations to get on a train this morning and go back home. A sunny day with a beautiful blue sky. Along the way I watched field with white layers of thick and frozen snow. Slowly  I left the busy city behind in my mind and felt a smile appear on my face. In my mind I was miles away. With the hundreds of thousands of women (and men) marching through the streets of cities all around the world. With a dear friend that got married on the other side of the world today. With all the happened over the first three weeks of 2017.

So after lunch, I finished a book (book 5 out of the 53 from my 2017 reading challenge) and hopped on my bike. I cycled around for a little bit and went to a forest close by. There was still some leftover snow around and horses and cows and birds. Nature helps to me to calm down and to rest. Walking is sort of therapeutic I guess. Your body knows what to do and how to carry you. Being outdoors in the fresh air is the perfect way of ordering my thoughts. Yesterday I wrote about finding stability. Today I needed to take time on my own and give myself that physical outdoor space to create a world of peace and happiness in my mental space.

“What are men compared to rocks and mountains?” One of my favourite Pride and Prejudice quotes. It reminds me of Psalm 8, which asks the same question. The wonder about nature makes you think about how small a human being can be. With all my worries, doubts and decisions to make, I only need to look up at a blue sky or sky filled with stars to remember that all is well.

No rocks and mountains today, but more than enough glorious nature to surround myself with and to remember that all is in hands of my beautiful Creator.

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