Day 116 – What it means to be home

If I a home on Sundays and the sun shines (it’s a Sunday after all), our dog jumps on my lap and simply relaxes till the max. I have no idea how she knows it’s Sunday or why she does it, but she loves it. She doesn’t do it when someone else in our family sits on that chair. She doesn’t jump on my lap if I sit it on the couch in another sunny spot. It’s just me, on Sundays, in that chair, in the sun. This dog obviously knows how to make herself feel at home.

Today I went to a hospice for work. I have never been to one before. But as soon as I stepped across the doorstep I felt at home. I learned about the guests that stay in the hospice during the last months of the year. I learned about the volunteers with their love for those that need care and attention. People in the last days of their lives that for one reason or another can’t live at home.

The care, the love and the quality of life that is offered in this place struck me today. It reminded me of how lucky I get to be living in the Netherlands with a roof over my head. Home isn’t just the roof though, it’s the love and care that people give you. Not because you earned it, but because you deserve it. Today was a reminder that I will always commit myself to being of service to others. To put the needs of others before my own. To care and to love. To make every place I live in a home for the people I share it with.

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