Day 121 – Grey and rainy travel days

This morning I cycled to work. It was raining, which isn’t very uncommon in January in the Netherlands. Cold and wet I arrived at the office and I wasn’t the only one that wasn’t too happy with the grey and rainy day. Complaining about weather is something that the Dutch are very good in. But complaining doesn’t necessarily make you a happier and positive person.

Back in May I walked a little bit of a Dutch Camino on my own. After that trip, I went on a vacation with my family. We went to one of the islands in the north. Absolutely beautiful, but also a pretty cold and rainy weekend. But that weekend I wasn’t angry about the grey skies or cold wind. I loved every second of that typical Dutch weather. We have this idea that travel days are only good days if the sea and sky are blue. But we can’t control sunshine. So why do we let our travels get ruined by a simple uncontrollable thing like a rainy cloud?

In the end it is about perspective. Which perspective are you willing to take? Is your cup half full or half empty? I am not going to turn into a person that always smiles when it rains and I have to bike through it. But maybe complain a little less, even if it is just to myself, might be a step in the right direction.

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