Day 123 – #notok

Sometimes I write posts in advance, more often I just write what comes up in my head. It’s sort of therapeutic in a way, because by writing about something, I process my thoughts. Like yesterday when I wrote about saying ‘no’. I usually come up with ideas throughout the day. It has become a sort of new level of awareness. A thought, an expression by someone or something small becomes inspiration for a new post. Today I had this idea about writing a summary of January and where I am right now. But then I saw a text from a friend with the picture that I just had to write about. Because saying ‘no’ is more important than ever. Because things are not okay.

For the past couple days I have been following the news about protests around the world. I have been reading up about forgetting disasters that we don’t see in the news. I have been praying for refugees that are stuck in airports. I have been thinking about Romanians out on the streets fighting against corruption. I have been watching Ellen talk about her movie ‘Finding Dory’ without any political intention. For the past couple days I have been a bystander.

Today some friends of mine joined in the Holland against hate protest in The Hague. Picture credits thus go to my friend who was there, out in the cold. I was working instead. Yet in my own way it’s time to say no today. It’s time to write. It’s time to say that things are not okay. It’s not okay that we don’t pay attention to thousands and thousands of refugees in various African countries that have to make the impossible choice between starvation or terrorism. It’s not okay that people with green cards cannot enter the country that they have a personal relationship with. It’s not okay that more than 1200 people die and 2000+ people are injured for life in the worst industrial disaster ever and that 4 years later, no one seems to care. It’s not okay that …

Fill in the gap. Fill in what makes you angry, sad, disappointed. Fill in what fires up the spirit of activism in you. Fill in what makes you passionate, what drives you or what motivates you. Make a choice. Take a stance. Even if it is just to say that you are not okay. That you don’t agree. I am not asking you to have all the answers. I am not asking you to come up with political solutions or world changing movements. I am just asking you to say no.

Because I believe that is where it starts. Learn to care. Learn to say no. Then take it from there. You are not the first one that will accomplish the impossible. You are not the first one and not the only one that says #notok. And remember what Nelson Mandela taught us all:

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

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