Day 125 – Thrift store love

So today was a free day. Re-energizing from working the past few days and getting ready for another day of work tomorrow. Since it was lovely weather earlier today, I went outside and checked out some of my favourite thrift stores along the Oudegracht, everyone’s favourite street in Utrecht. Got home with two beautiful dresses and two pairs of trousers for just a few euro’s each. One of the trousers is even from a brand that it trying it’s best to produce more fairly. Double win!

But much more than just an hour in a shopping street, the stores you enter tell you something about who you are and what you find in important. Earlier this week, I gave a workshop about the unsustainable fashion industry with a couple girls from my old student association. That has been sort of my topic for a couple years now. That’s where I learned to be an activist. That’s why I participated in Dressember.

Today I could have entered all those little designer stores and bought the most expensive dresses (apart from the fact that I don’t really have the budget for it). But as a consumer in this world, I have a certain power. A power all have. I know we don’t really like to think of ourselves anymore as a united front and as a force of solidarity. We all really prefer being in our own bubble with people that are similar to us. But as long as you dare to make different choices and your friend and his friend and her cousin and his grandmother do that too, I believe change will happen.

And it can start as simple as buying a pair of jeans from an almost sustainable clothing brand in a thrift store.

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