Day 126 + day 127 – Question yourself

Two blogs today! Or two in one actually. Because I skipped the one from yesterday. I got up at 4.30 am to get to work. (I have an extra evening/weekend job to make some extra money.) Afterwards I had to do three interviews for Camp Rising Sun. All in all, a pretty full day. In between I needed a moment to do nothing, for a long bath and watching a nature documentary. As I was listen to David Attenborough, I realised that I had absolutely no interest in writing. So I questioned myself: why do I commit to writing? I am not going to follow up with my goal, if I miss a day? I came to the conclusion that even though I accepted a challenge to write every single day, I realised that forcing myself into it, is not going to be helpful to anyone. The only thing I wanted last night was to relax.

That’s the one thing I learned from my new pets. In the house I live right now, we have three cats. All with their own character. But what they all do a lot is sleep. They don’t have jobs, they don’t have school. They just live, eat, breathe and sleep. They do what they want to do. If they don’t want to play with you, they won’t play with you. In that sense, we humans can definitely learn from the animals we have around us. The most important lesson would be to be in touch with our bodies. So relax and do nothing, if your body tells you so. img_20170205_204827.jpg

Conclusion of today, questioning yourself is a good thing. When I made myself a cup of tea this morning, the teabag quote told me that when there is love, there is no question. That made me think about the night before. I questioned myself about not wanting to write a blog and out of love for every inch of my body saying ‘no’, I decided not to do so. So because I questioned my motives I did what I thought was best for my body. But that’s just one example. Overall, I disagree with this quote. I believe that in real relationships of any kind, there should be questions.

My best friendships are those that allow for critical questioning. If you love someone, you would want to best for them right? What is going to be the better approach? Telling them what to do or asking questions, so they discover the answer on their own? Exactly.I think questioning is vital in learning and growing. Asking questions shows interest and growth in a relationship. I grew up with parents that always told me that I could ask them anything. Nothing would be taboo.

Isn’t that what love is? Not being afraid for when questions might come? Even if you don’t have the answers? Even if you don’t know how to ask the questions yourself? I would even dare to go as far as seeing that the point when you stop questioning, you are not going to find love. I am not saying you should always be asking away, of course there can be moments of pure silence and gratitude with what is. But overall, questioning is going to help you to grow confident and to realise what it is that you can be grateful for today.

Yes, even if it is just that question. Every day from now on, ask yourself what you are grateful for. I am telling you you are going to fall in love with your life. No matter how dark it may seem at times. We are all going to go through hard things in our lives, if you haven’t already. Ask yourself here. How did you get through? No matter what the answer is, see that you need to ask yourself a question in order to learn and to process? That’s my point today. You need to ask questions in order to grow. You are never going to become a person that loves life and is grateful if you don’t know what you were actually grateful for. You are never going to learn from difficult situations if you don’t know what made it so hard or how it got better again.

When there is love, there is definitely asking questions. And yes, sometimes that might result in not writing a blog for you to read. Because I prioritised my sanity and tired body over you going without one blog for a day. What I learned from that, is that people are patient and understanding. So that is what I will be grateful for today: listening to my body yesterday, my cup of tea this morning and the realisation that real love always involves asking questions.

Enjoy your last bit of weekend!

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