Day 128 – Take care of our planet

This beautiful photograph is made by one of my old school friends. She discovered nature photography a while ago and has made the most beautiful pictures. Like this one of a little robin that just flew against the window and is still a bit confused. The last time we photographed together was this summer. A field of wild orchids around sunset. Moments in nature like these stay with me for a long time. If I close my eyes, it’s almost if I am back there.

The last couple days I have been watching nature documentaries to relax. There is nothing nicer than hearing David Attenborough tell you about the wonders of this world. As I cycled through the city today past the many factories with their polluting chimneys, I wondered why we take it all so often for granted. When will be wake up and finally figure out that this world is not going to sustain itself if we keep on going with our factories, energy use and wasteful lifestyle.

So what can I do? First of all, elections are coming up in the Netherlands. But climate change is not a topic that I hear much about in the campaigns. Politicians seem to worry mainly about topics that are important in the here and now. But for me politics should always be concerned with the long term future and therefore I will definitely vote for a party with a strong climate change policy.

Second of all, I always like to think that my lifestyle is still on the okay side. By definition living in a Western European country can’t be good for our planet, but I don’t own a car, travel by bike or train if I can, I separate my garbage and always bring my own bag if I do groceries.  I don’t buy new clothes that often and I love second hand stores. So overall, I try to be environmental friendly in my daily life.

But that’s exactly my problem. Even if we all try to do a little bit. It doesn’t seem to be enough. I do hope to have kids in the future and yes, I do wonder in what kind of a world I will bring a new life? I don’t have the answers. I wish I would. I wish I could just fix things. But I can’t. The only thing that I can do, is just admire the planet we have been given and respect it.

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