Day 129 – Inform yourself

It seems like this is an ‘I am giving advice’ type of week. I started this weekend with writing about questioning yourself, yesterday I wrote about caring for our planet. Today is a blog about informing yourself. I spend some unexpected hours in a train today, so I decided to start reading a book that I have read some bits and pieces of, but never read completely: no logo from Naomi Klein. But I don’t really care if you read this book or not. As long as you read, watch, listen and inform yourself, I am more than happy.

Tonight I gave another seminar/workshop type of thing for some students of my old student association about the fashion industry. For the sake of interactive learning, I had transformed the world trading game into a fashion industry game. It worked out pretty well and showed the chaos, time pressure and randomness of fashion to the participants. If I have a spare moment I am definitely going to write up my notes and make this into a public version that people can use freely.

Snowball effect. That’s what I am aiming for with evenings like this. That your friends and family, your social network learn from you. Talk to a marketing specialist. We all know that you are much more likely to change something in your behaviour if someone in your surroundings does it too. That goes both way. If everyone starts drinking, it won’t be easy for you to resist. But if everyone starts asking questions when they buy something or send a message on Facebook to a well-known brand, then you are probably going to do that too at some point. Basic psychology that only the most narcissistic people won’t care for.

Is it really that simple? To change and to demand change? I would like to believe that it is. That as longs as we change little bits and pieces, effects will be seen. Maybe not tomorrow, but in ten years time the world will look totally different from today. The question is whether you are prepared to invest in staying informed. Are you willing to step outside your bubble and learn?

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