Day 131 – Be like a tree

I have two books at the moment with trees on the cover. Maybe not such impressive trees as the one on this photo from somewhere in Tanzania where the nights are truly dark and the days are warm and dry. Trees. Both books are about growth and finding purpose. One of them has small bits of poetry to start the day. The other has long, extensive chapters with questions and a decent structure. Yet I am not convinced. That last one though, so beautiful based on the cover, is not really what I hoped they would be. Lesson learned: never judge a book based on its cover.

Trees are signs of strength and hope and produce oxygen. Trees are life. But one thing this got me thinking about purpose. I wrote about purpose somewhere around day 50, I think. It had a little drawing in it based on passion, mission, profession and vocation. When all those circles come together, you will find purpose. But over the past few months, I have become a little easier on myself. Rather than the stress of finding that perfect job, that perfect life, purpose can be found in so many ways and moments.


I looked it up in the dictionary. What does purpose actually mean?


  1. The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.
  2. A person’s sense of resolve or determination.

Rather than having one big purpose, I think our lives can have purpose in multiple ways. Maybe your purpose can be to create a home in your house, but your work life doesn’t come into play there. Maybe you live in a part of the world that really needs you, but you don’t always love it. Maybe you are paid for a job, that you wish you would be great at and love, but you don’t get up with that fire of enthusiasm in the morning.


I haven’t quite found out what it is. I don’t feel that I am at this point in my life that I know what my purpose is beyond general base line beliefs that ground my life. Maybe a little quarter life crisis for me. But I feel like I am getting somewhere. Even then, I am telling myself to relax. To just live today, cherish yesterday and grow towards tomorrow.

Like trees. Be stable, but allow the seasons of life to change you.

I planned to upload this last night, but something didn’t quite work out as planned. So to make up for it, this incredibly cute Ellen video. Of course, another blog tonight! 

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