Day 132 – Destination unknown

Some of you may know the specifics already, but many of you might also still have no idea. Either way, I am not yet giving away too much, but there will be new destinations coming up. I will tell you all about it when the time is right. But as I am starting to prepare, I have this feeling that even though I might prepare every spare minute, the destination will always be unknown until the day that I breath in the air, hear the sounds and feel the sun in that new place.

So as I am keeping the destination unknown for you, it is unknown for me too in a way. Like that ship that is waiting for the next flood. New water to carry the boat in order to move again. I don’t know where this ship intends to go, I just know that it needs water to carry it. For now it has to wait patiently. I feel a little bit like that ship. I am waiting for the next destination. Even though I know where I am going, so much about my destination, is still unknown.

As small snow flakes are falling down and my bones don’t really know how to warm up today, I am letting my thoughts wander off. To far away destinations. But as the day is slowly passing by hour by hour, I am slowly warmly up to the idea to push through for a couple more weeks. 2 jobs and preparing for the adventure ahead is quite a lot to manage to be honest. I think that also explains my scattered thoughts about finding purpose. The one thing I am sure of is that I don’t like winter and I need sleep.

I’ll patiently wait for my ship to sail. On my way to a newly found purpose. In the mean time there is enough work to do on my ship. But first I’ll rest and sleep. Tomorrow is another day to get ready for sailing.

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