Day 133 – My snowy version of La La Land

Little writing update: I just realized that I passed 1/3 of the year without really paying attention to it. In the beginning I had this feeling of achievement quite often. Writing for two weeks, a month and 50 days. Okay, the 100th blog was a little special. But now I just seem to keep going without paying much attention to the actual number of the day. As a matter of fact, I don’t really mind either. I am still enjoying the writing process. Some days it goes easier than others, but overall I am starting to see how thoughts that already would be in my head finally have a place to land on a daily basis.

Today was such a moment again. When thoughts wandered and a blog almost wrote itself in my head. I cycled home from work. It had snowed in the meantime. Even though the wind was cold and the air around zero degrees Celsius, the snow wasn’t too bothering while I cycled alongside the water. I stopped for a second to take a picture of one of my favourite parts of the city. Simply because I know that it might be a while before I get to cycle here again with this winter scenery around me.

Also I finally watched La La Land and even though the song ‘City of Stars’ is about Hollywood dreams, a part of the song started playing in my mind when I cycled through the snow of Utrecht. In a way that song sums up my relationship with Utrecht. It’s the first city that I lived in after growing up at the country side and I fell in love with this city. The people, cafes, my homes and my friends. No matter where I will go in the world, I can always return and come home here. In a place that is both safe as well as filled with endless opportunities.

A look in somebody’s eyes

To light up the skies

To open the world and see it reeling

A voice that says, I’ll be here

And you’ll be allright

I don’t care if I know

Just where I will go

‘Cause all that I need is this crazy feeling

A rat-tat-tat on my heart

Think I want it to stay

But there are no tap shoes, nor bright yellow dresses and jazz pianists. No whirling dancers and breaking out in song. It’s just me on my bike. Surrounded by fellow Utrechters. I can’t stay too long. So I simply take a picture to capture my thoughts. I take a deep breath of fresh, crispy winter air and hop on my bike again. Knowing that I will cycle that path for a couple more weeks, but after that, the memory of it will have to do. It’s not really a crazy feeling, but I do want it to stay. Close to my heart.

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