Day 136 – Over the horizon

Today is not a kind of happy Valentines for me. Every muscle in my body hurts. My noses is stuffed and my throat swollen. My memory makes working not very easy and everything costs energy. I am going to finish today’s blog and then go to sleep. Its days like this, battling with the flu my sister had a couple weeks back, that I realise how small we are as human beings.

For, “All people are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord endures forever.”

1 Peter 1:24

Whereas I am just feeling a little sick and unfit today, a friend texts me that someone he knew well passed away. While I got that text, I was watching the documentary ‘Chasing Ice’. If you haven’t seen it. Go watch it now. At some point one of lead team members, chokes up as he speaks about the way that glaciers are disappearing for ever. Later on, you will see it yourself. Vast, vast amounts of ice crumbling like a freshly baked white cake on a plate. Like waves crashing onto the shores.

Like I can’t make this flu go away by simply wishing it wouldn’t happen. Like my friend can’t make the cancer go away by simply wishing it wouldn’t happen. That’s how we can’t make climate change go away. Simply wishing it wasn’t there isn’t going to make it better.

Sometimes we see lives go over the horizon to a place we cannot reach yet. Sometimes we literally see the planes get up in the air. Sometimes we see our planet disappear in moving images that are never captured before. In the end we will all cross that final river, that one horizon to another life.

The question is what do we leave behind for those that stay behind?

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