Day 137 – A small world

Did you know that you might know everyone in this world within 6 connections? The theory is old. From the 1930s. Google ‘six degrees of separation’ and you’ll find more. By now, in a world connected through social media, this whole theory might look different. This morning I went to the city to buy a present at my favourite bookstore in this city. Turns out the lady helping me, just returned from working and living in the country at the organisation, I will be working at in just a few weeks from now. How small can our world be?

I just to work in a bookstore myself. Every Saturday morning I would open the store and help costumers choose their gifts for loved ones. Our bookstore had a coffee corner as well where I would listen to the most incredible stories that people would had to share with me. So bookstores are not just places to buy books (keep them alive, people!), but also places in which lives connected for a moment.

What was a stranger just before turns into a familiar face. Because you have where I will be. You know the people, the smells, the culture, the customs, the best places and the climate. I am still to discover all that. So for now I cherish the stories and I try to remember the names connected to the stories. I see the smile in her eyes as she says: “if it weren’t for our children, we would have stayed, because we absolutely loved it there.”

We exchange phone numbers and promise to be in touch. As I cycled home, I realised that this can’t just be a coincidence. I am a huge believer in people crossing paths for a reason. I needed to meet this woman in order to make the vague future a little more concrete. Seeing her eyes light up and hearing her voice filled with love gave me the confidence that I am on the right path.

Sometimes you just need to meet the right people along the way.

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