Day 138 – Homes and hearts

Home is where your heart is

We always think it’s about metaphorical homes. That it doesn’t matter where your house is, as long as you are with people you love, it’ll be home. I guess that’s true. But I realised it could mean something else as well. Your heart is the place of your feelings, emotions, and tells you how your home is doing today.

As I prepared some leftovers from the past week for my roommates, we talked about what your lifestyle tells others about how you are feeling. Living in a messy room wouldn’t really work for us. How can you feel organised, when life around you is a mess? Or how can you take care of a busy agenda, when your desk is piling up with all sorts of distractions. My living space tells me how I am doing.

In all honesty, my room has a bit too much laundry that needs to be done, but I haven’t found time for yet this week. It has a bunch of books waiting to be read. When I got the room, it was filled with things on the wall and everywhere else something could be. I carefully put those away and now the walls are just plain and empty. My favourite pillows, not too much stuff that I can break or malfunction due to my not so tender care.

So where your house is at, that’s where you are. I guess that’s why those cleaning up goeroe’s are always popular and why mindfulness magazines always focus on the way your should restyle your home. Get yourself a plant. Get rid of one thing every day for a month. It’s this idea that if you clean up your life, you will automatically feel better. Feel more successful or more productive.

I am a little skeptical there. Yes, I just argued that your home tells you a lot about how you feel and who you are. But we can also stretch it a bit too much, by saying that by fixing your home, you can fix you. I think it can be a start though. Unhealthy habits are hard to break with, but if you succeed with them in your home, I believe it’s possible to do it anywhere else too.

So your heart becomes home again.

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