Day 140 – Getting better

Sometimes I can be quite stubborn. In general, I try to be flexible and patient, but sometimes I am the only one who knows what’s best for me, right? This week has not been easy. I’ve been working, but my body was protesting. It needed time to rest, sleep and heal. Like our cats, sleeping in the sunshine. The whole week I have been doing exactly the opposite thought. Just getting enough rest to manage again the next day but without acknowledging that my body needed more time. Over the past couple days, I learned that the hard way. Not only did I not sleep well, but I vomited, coughed, sneezed and any other type of bodily flued left with giving that clear sign: you need to get better first.

Being sick isn’t very romantic. It also isn’t the flashiest topic to write about. There really aren’t many nice ways to say that your whole lunch just made its way out, in the same way as it got in. But I promised myself to also write about the days that aren’t perfect. Health-wise this is one of those days. Not feeling well and getting your period on top of it isn’t great. That does remind me that I really want to write about menstruation and period cycles. Because can we please stop making such a fuss and just learn to be aware of our bodies. Periods are normal and women have lived with them for as long as women walk this earth. Let’s deal with it like that.

But that’s not the point I wanted to make today. What has really helped me this week is definitely not my stubbornness. But over the past two days I have decided to take it a bit easier and to actually follow up with my getting better list. That’s a list in my head that I always try to follow when I am not feeling well. It involves the following: sleep; the more, the better; healthy food, in which I don’t try to eat more than I want, but I also don’t want to deprive my body of energy; exercise, sounds painful when everything already hurts, but some simple and light yoga brings me a long way; breathing, stand still and just focus on my breathing; read books, or listen to them if my eyes are too tired; clean clothes, brings back childhood memories of fresh linen and clean things; and lastly, lots of love.

I don’t like talking about not feeling well. Like I started with, I can really be quite stubborn in this regard and I don’t like sharing my weaknesses. But then don’t we all prefer to pretend we are doing just fine? Maybe we should rather share our getting better lists with each other. So you have mine at least. Next time I am telling you I don’t feel so good; you know what to do. Tell me to stop being so stubborn and just get some proper sleep and good food.

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  1. I loved reading this! I definitely agree that sometimes we like to pretend that we’re doing fine, when the truth is the complete opposite. It’s like it’s a part of our human nature to believe that we are somehow immortal in a way.

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