Day 142 – Ways of walking

“You did a part of the Camino to Santiago de Compostella, right? What kind of pilgrimage would you want to walk in the future?” My answer is simple: “I would walk anywhere.” Another friend joins the conversation. She tells that she met someone that also walked to Santiago, however she quit at some point. Just because she didn’t want to keep going anymore. I wouldn’t call her a quitter. She just made a different choice.

Just because your path is different, doesn’t mean you’ve lost.

We live in a world in which everything seems to be a competition. The pressure is always on. There is an image of how your life should look like and if you don’t confirm, people will ask questions. In a way, we live in paradoxical world. On the one hand, we value this individualistic dream to prove yourself, but on the other hand, it’s so easy to judge someone who chooses a different path than the common way of life.

This idea that everyone has their own truth. To some extend I believe that. Because we are all unique. We see the world through our own eyes and process it with a unique set of brain cells. But saying that we all have our own truth is also sort of egoistic. Like it’s an excuse to do whatever we want, because no one is supposed to judge us. And I don’t think it should work that way.

I haven’t quite figured it out yet. I want life to be about making your own independent choices, regardless of what other people say, think or feel about that. But if you just follow the crowd. Go with the path that so many people go with. Find love, get a house, work and live a sort of expected life. And there you have it. Two totally different paths. Crossroads. Left or right?

I’ve made my choice, I think. At least for now. Maybe not the most regular path for a twenty-something year-old. I guess it’s a good thing that I am not really a competitive person. I don’t care too much about winning or losing. I just choose a different path. And that’s all right.

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