Day 143 – Period drama

So if you live a house with women, that one topic is probably going to come up. Periods. The mornings you wake up with cramps, feeling nauseous and tired, are not our most favourite moments of the month. Sometimes I wonder why we still don’t really talk about periods too much. Unless you have this level of comfort with someone, it isn’t a topic you just bring up and it doesn’t feel like a valid reason to stay home from work for a day. So ladies, and gentlemen, let’s just be open and honest about those mood swings and cramps.

On the less dramatic side though, I recently started using a menstruation cup. I’ve wanted to try it for a while now for various reasons. It’s better for our environment, it’s supposed to be more hygienic since it doesn’t absorb fluid, but only contains it and it’s more practical and saves me money. So I couldn’t really figure out a reason why I shouldn’t just get one. I did some research, since there are lots of different brands these days. They all have slightly different products. If you are thinking about getting one, I would suggest to do some research too and find one that seems to fit best with your body characteristics.

Overall, I am super positive about this cup. My periods aren’t too heavy. I am tired for a day or two before, have some light cramps on the first day and after the second day, the worst is usually over. But still, I had tampons in every bag everywhere. One of my least favourite things would be to find a way to exchange tampons in some public place with nasty bathrooms. All those worries are over now. Since my cup is big enough to keep my completely leak-free for a whole day, I can clean my cup at home. I am especially looking forward to using the cup on long days of travelling. That must be so much better than pads and tampons.

Are there downsides? The one drawback I can think of that it took my some time to get used to it. Now I am completely comfortable with the cup, but the first couple times weren’t so easily. Since it creates suction to stay in place, you can’t just pull it out like regular tampon. It’s not going to disappear in there, but I needed to get comfortable with breaking the suction in order to remove it. But a little practice comes a long way for sure.

I’ve been writing about taking care of our planet. About making conscious, sustainable choices in your daily life. And yes, I believe those can also be practical, save you money and be leak-free. Sometimes it can be really simple to change something in your life. I suggest to give it go. Let’s get rid of this period drama. After all, they’re only fun when you are watching them on tv with chocolate and tea.

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