Day 151 – To-do list struggles

First of March today! Officially the first day of spring according to the weather guy from the news last night. It’s also the Ash Wednesday and that means that Lent officially starts today. 40 days till Easter. Over the years I’ve become more and more attached to the weeks before an important day. Counting down, reflecting and thinking forward gives me a sense of purpose and connection to times across centuries.

Lot’s of people fast with Lent. By getting rid of something in their lives, they want to focus on something else instead. Every time you crave that bit of juicy meat or dark chocolate, your thoughts are with those that suffer even more or your thoughts are in prayer. Either way, fasting is a physical sign of a spiritual path. I haven’t really been raised with this idea of fasting, but I like it none the less. Living in a comfortable part of the world, where I have everything I need, it can’t hurt to feel a bit uncomfortable sometimes.

While I was thinking about my own way of remembering Lent this year, I got to my to-do list. Helps me organise my life. Love it. Wouldn’t know how to do without. I even went so far this year as to make my own planner, exactly in the way that I wanted it to be. I started using an online to-do list that reminds me of work stuff and keeping up with readings. But planning in detail helps me to achieve results, stick to schedules and make what I am passionate about reality. But planning in too much detail can also be my weakness.

Simply because I am organised I feel that can do anything. As long as I can fit it into my schedule I can do it. My own moments of rest come second sometimes, whereas they really should come first. Today I read about the Blue Zones story. About living and eating in a way that can add ten years to your life. Sounds a bit fantastic, right? I haven’t really had a chance (see, too busy with other things that were already planned) to do some more research into it. However, since I do have a big life change coming up, I am always open for new suggestions on how to change old, unhealthy habits in better ones.

So maybe that will be Lent fast of this year. Take away some time from that busy to-do list and spend it on something that I really, really love. Something that allows me to breath and to rest. I am already looking forward to the next 40 days.

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