Day 152 – Train conversations

One of my guilty pleasures is eaves-dropping in trains. This morning was one of those wonderful mornings again. Two kids and their parents on their way to a holiday destination. Just a couple days ago, I had a discussion about being a child again. Or a king. That was the question actually. What would you choose if you could be either a kid again or king, both for a day?

“Look, there goes a blue train, Simon!” said on of the kids. The brother responded with: “and I just counted three, no four trucks on the highway!” Simple observations on a Thursday morning. But kids find them worth sharing. They simply get excited about all of it. 

My answer would be a kid. I mean being king, or queen, wouldn’t be really different for a day. But being a child again would be so incredibly different. Listening to the conversation between those kids in the train today, made me realize we could all use a bit of childlike imagination, wonder and enthusiasm.

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