Day 156 – Long live my lungs

Spring started! It’s light when your alarm clock goes off in the morning. It’s getting a little greener outside. I love those days when you can jump on your bike with bare legs and a t-shirt. Spring is amazing and I don’t know many people who don’t enjoy it. Except maybe the people that go through this season with a running nose, teary eyes and half-working lungs. I am one of those. Allergies.

The swollen eyes and running nose are not my most bothering symptoms anymore, but my longs usually protest quite a bit during these months. It’s feels a bit like a stone on your body. Do you know the feeling that you want to sneeze, but it just doesn’t happen? That’s the feeling I get when I am trying to take a breath of fresh air. Incredibly frustrating. So after gasping for air for another day, I realise how important it is to be healthy. To have two legs to walk around. To type this blog with ten working fingers. To see, to hear, to touch and to taste. Not having to fight pain constantly. To live instead of survive.

Now it is spring and when summer is right before our noses, you might only think about that bit of extra body weight you want to lose. That your fitness level has decreased rapidly after a couple weeks of Netflix. But maybe you know what it is like to always be tired or know the feeling of endless, pointless hospital visits. Maybe these couple months of tightness in my chest help me to appreciate my body. Those eight months of the year that my lungs do work are so normal. But taking care of that body and establishing an honest connection with my feelings and thoughts is at the core a healthy life.

So dear sweet lungs, hang in there. Don’t give up. It’s only a few more months. Then spring starts again and you can rest.

In case you do have two working lungs without a running nose? Just get those running shoes out of the closet and go outside. Grab your yoga mat, pay attention to your breathing and relax. Leave your phone and go to bed early. Take care of yourself. Be grateful and enjoy the body you have been given. Live.

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