Day 157 + 158 – To the women that feel weak

As you might have noticed, I am struggling with writing every at the moment. Not because I don’t want to, but simply because too much is happening. The past days I spend in a forest on a training for my new job. Literally in sessions from 9 am till about 10 pm. Too exhausted to write. Too many thoughts to process to find the words to write. But today is a special day that I can’t just leave without notice. Happy International Women’s Day!

I love women. I love being a woman. I love girls. But I also love boys and men. I don’t really care about your gender. I just want to care about you. Yet I realise that this isn’t how our world works (yet). Being a woman is different from being a man in many ways. I can’t deny that so many circumstances will have an influence on how we behave and interact with others.

But today I’ve been thinking about that enough already. Tonight I am just celebrating that I am a woman. Tonight I am honoring all the strong women in the world. Tonight I am thinking about the women that don’t feel strong. The ones that suffer from abuse, trafficking and violence.

Because girl, you are so beautiful! You are strong, powerful and brave. You are worthy. You are loved. You are not perfect, but you are shining through brokenness. Especially when you feel tired, anxious and not beautiful at all. You are so much stronger than you think. Stay strong. My thoughts are with you. Because I am a woman. Just like you.

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