Day 163 – The power of spring cleaning

Spring is really here. Finally. The sun is already up in the morning when I wake up. It stays light till about 6 or even 7 pm. It’s wonderful. So after a whole day of being busy, I decided that I needed to use that spring day and clean the house. I found a nice album that I wanted to listen to on Spotify and got the cleaning supplies out. I opened the door to the backyard to let the outside air in. I dusted the book shelves and dusted the living room. Then I mopped the floors. I honestly love cleaning. Because you get to do something actively with your hands and it symbolizes a fresh start.

Cleaning is one of those things that I often do quickly. When I have half an hour between work and dinner or before I have to catch a train. It’s a little extra something that is nice to do before the weekend. I don’t really think I have enough time, but still I want to do a little bit that looks good, without too much effort. Proper cleaning has to be scheduled even though I love it.

But no matter how much (or how little) time I have to clean, it always makes me a happier person. Clean laundry, a clean bedroom or a clean kitchen just add to quality of living. A clean living space also means that you are clear in your mind. At least that’s how it works in my case. Being so busy with preparations today, coming home and cleaning was a way to unwind. To let go of the stressful and overwhelming stream of information.

It’s like tiny spring flowers. Take crocuses. They are beautiful in their colours and shapes. They really pronounce spring in a dead winter garden. Even though they are tiny. They make such a difference. They are fragile, yet proclaim such a strong message. Dusting and mopping are like tiny flowers in a busy day. Even though the moment is short and not that special in itself, it gives me air to breathe again. And if there is one thing I need on days like today, it’s exactly that. Fresh air and deep breaths.

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