Day 165 – Annoyingly happy

It’s still early. I often write these blogs somewhere during the day and then I post them at night. I am in the train on my way to another round of preparations. The girls in front of me are talking about dating a guy who is afraid of commitment. The girl next to me is on her phone with someone from work. The guy on the other side of the aisle is solving a sudoku in the morning paper. And there I am, with my thick winter coat that is too warm and a smile on my face.

Biking to the station I had this song stuck in my head. When I got up and made myself breakfast this morning, I turned on the tv. I wanted to watch the news, but in switching the channel, my eye caught a show that I used to love as a girl. I can hum the whole tune of the show and the voices of the characters are like close friends to me.

Laura Ingalls, Almanzo Wilder, Mr. Edwards and even Harriet Oleson. The citizens of Walnut Grove starring in Little House on the Prairie.

I’ve read the books a million times. Fascinated by the Wild West seen through the ideas of a young girl. I felt the wanderlust of Charles Ingalls from the words about long journeys through endless empty plains. And then the tv show. Twice a year a new season came out on DVD. It used to be my favourite birthday gift for years. The books still have a special place on my bookshelves.

Memories like this make my heart feel warm. In times of uncertainty and transitions, that is exactly what I need. And besides smiling because I recognize the voices of old friends, it is the comfort of those warm memories that just makes me very happy today.

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