Day 168 + 169 

Friday I ended my blog abruptly, because one of my favourite girls in the world asked if I could play a game with her before her bedtime. As I was writing to myself about forgetting to grasp little moments, I realised this was one. An opportunity right there. I grabbed it and left my blog to join her. 

That moment already seems ages ago. In the mean time I have been to a wedding, a birthday, a concert and church. And in between those moments I have been cleaning, organising, cooking, laughing, singing, driving people around, grocery shopping and talking. Earlier this week I had an intercultural stress training (a.k.a. talking to a therapist) and I told the lady I am never bored. She looked at me and asked how that is possible. But if I just look at the past couple weeks, I don’t think I need to explain her twice how that works. 

And yet, sometimes it feels like life slips through my fingers. Because the next thing is always happening. So that’s why my blogs will be short this coming week. I want to chose one moment every day that was important. Not with long posts, but simple explanations in just a few sentences. 

Today has many moments, but I am choosing the fire. It’s still cold enough outside to have a wood fire burning in the living room mantle piece. Flames always seem to speak to me. A tiny flame last night told me: “welcome home.”A warm glow today told me: “share me with others.” Where there is warmth and light, there is life. 

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