Day 172 – Care for growth

Alles wat je aandacht geeft, groeit

 “Everything that you give attention and care will grow.” It seems so incredibly obvious. An overstatement. Nice quote, but let’s move on now with practical solutions. I was reminded of this statement by Lennart, the creative mind and developer of Het Rooster. I read it somewhere in his ebook when I was working on creating content for our social media. 

And it stuck. 

With an endless to-do list, this quote has become a new measuring tape for me. It makes me think about how important something is and how I am making choices. I sometimes turn the question around. If I don’t pay attention to finish this email today, will it have consequences for growth?

Because it’s the double sided nature of this quote that I find intriguing. If I give no attention, no growth can be excepted. Make sense. But also negative attention has an effect. If I keep thinking that the to-do list will never end, it probably won’t. It will grow, but only in becoming longer and longer. 

So now it becomes interesting. What kind of attention does something need? What kind of attention can I give? What is it in my life that I really want to grow?

If you can’t figure it out just yet, go and read The Little Prince. Especially the part about the rose.  

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