Day 173 + 174 – Internet and alcohol

Days seem like weeks. And weeks seem like months. So much happens at the same time. My head is overflowing. I try to find bits of time to write in between, but it’s only half finished blogs that don’t make much sense to me when I read them an hour later. Things change too fast. Like yesterday blog about the sunset that I was witnessing from the train. The sky changes every minute, but everyone in the train was staring at their phone or laptop. No one saw the changing colours.

Today I scheduled some time to write, but of course everything went different. The internet router broke, so no internet meant no blog writing. Okay, that isn’t really true, because I can still write in any document and just copy/paste the whole thing. But anyways, the internet needed to be fixed first. So when my sister came home with a new router, which then needed to be installed. My brilliant idea was to just unplug the cables from the old one and plug them in the new one at exactly the same place. Great idea, didn’t work.

So then the whole mess with sorting out cables and pulling them through tiny holes in the wall started. Also, why do they give you a new electronic device to access internet without a user guide? You have to access internet to download that. Seriously? Long story short, everything works again. Except for the connection between the printer and the computer. Don’t ask me why.

While I was still upset from that stupid printer, I set down at the kitchen table. There was a letter from the foster child that my parents support. His name is Juan and he lives in Colombia. The letter contained a progress report from his school. His father is a jobless alcoholic. His mother has had various relationship and various children with different men. Juan lives with his grandmother. She used to be a community mother, but because she is taking care of her grandson, she couldn’t keep up that position in her local community anymore. Juan struggles with anger issues due to his difficult background, but he is improving. He hopes to graduate in 2025.

Immediately I stopped frustrating about that stupid internet connection that needed to be fixed asap. How can I be mad about a printer that doesn’t work, if a child doesn’t even have parents that can take care of him. That drink, don’t have jobs and sleep around. I am not blaming them for not taking care of their son. These are issues of structural poverty. Those issues aren’t fixed in a day or even a year.

But that is what really should make me angry. Injustice. Inequality. Lack of opportunities. Not the lack of internet connection for a couple hours.

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