Day 176 + 177 – Always a reason to celebrate

You can look at life in different ways. But you always have a choice. A certain level of freedom. Even in the most difficult times of your life. I’d like to think of myself as a positive person. With always something to celebrate. Something to be grateful for. And I believe those moments should be memorable.

I am leaving for a year. Away from my home. Away from my family and friends. I’ll miss the tabwater and the Sundays in church, but most of all I’ll miss the people. My people. The ones that are special and meaningful to me. Missing is part of being away and that’s okay. 

So the last moments at home I am spending them with those people. No big goodbye parties, but small moments to hold on to when it gets difficult and lonely out there. Then I’ll remember the pure chocolate mousse with a pink candle. Because I said to the hostess of the restaurant: “Even goodbyes can be a reason to celebrate.” 

Not because I am glad to leave or my family wants to see me go, but because it’s a step that makes sense and feels like the right thing to do. Then ‘goodbyes’ become ‘see you laters’ with the knowledge that distance won’t drive us apart. 

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