Day 184 – Only one thing is needed

Work life has now really started. The office has more people walking around again and my tasks are getting more concrete. I will go out into the field this week to, so if there are no more blogs until Saturday, bear with me! I’ll be writing, but simply with pen and paper. 

So before this crazy, but exciting life was about to start I took a moment yesterday to really sit with the Lord. Quiet time. Laying everything at His feet. Creating a safe space that is always accessible in an instant, but sometimes I just don’t take that moment and keep worrying. However times of silence and reflection are a life line. These are moments of catching my breath and finding new energy, but sometimes also times of insight, healing and painful honesty. 

Yesterday I had such a mixed moment. My head was still full of first week impressions and stories. I knew I needed that moment of silence more than ever. I won’t share all my thoughts with you. Because those are between the Lord and me, but I will tell you what really got to me right before a new working week. 

I read the story of Martha and Mary. The two sisters that were in a close relationship with Jesus. I found it funny that I got that story. Just at the moment where I am considering to use my middle name more often. It’s Maria, the Dutch version of Mary. But in all honesty, my character is much more like Martha sometimes. I had to feel unproductive and I find value in doing something useful. In principle there is nothing wrong with that, but this story got to me. 

I’ve heard it so many times before and yet. It taught me that with all the things I could do and probably will do in the next year, there is only one thing that really matters. One thing that is really needed. Simply to sit at the Lord’s feet listening to what he has to say.

Then there is Jesus’ promise to Mary: “you’ve chosen the better thing, and it will not be taken from you.” 

So just in case I won’t be writing (or actually publishing) posts anymore. Please don’t be disappointed. Go and take that time that you would normally spend reading my story and be still at Jesus’ feet. In case you have nothing with Jesus, just be still. If I will be writing, find another time to be still. It is the only thing that is needed. 

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