Day 191 – About a forgotten half birthday and feeling strong

“Did you realize that last week was your half birthday? You’re now 24,5 years old” a special someone told me yesterday. I honestly forgot. Completely. Last Sunday, April 2nd, was my half birthday. I don’t really think half birthdays are a big thing, but it also means that I was half way with my blog. Day 183. When I started this blog, I had no idea that it would be one in Dutch (sorry about that, read the previous day for similar thoughts) and more so, that I would be writing based in a different country with a whole new adventure ahead. So yeah, that should have been a tiny celebration. Thinking back, I actually did celebrate just a little bit, since I had a muffin for dessert that day.

But here we are, a week later, still grateful for the conversation during that Sunday dinner with a colleague who brought the muffins. We talked about writing and how this blog had changed my life in ways that I hadn’t expected. I am also at a point in my life in which I feel like I need to make some decisions. I guess it’s only a normal part of being an adult. But today I feel strangely confident and strong.

Went for my first run on one of the unforgiving hills of Kampala, did some amazing strengthing yoga exercises and ate healthy food. I am starting to get a grip on my new work life and I am excited, rather than overwhelmed and scared, to get to know the city better. 

As I start to settle into my life in Uganda, I am slowly feeling stronger again. Physically, emtionally and spiritually. Big changes always have an impact. No doubt. And I am planning a blog this week about the hard and difficult parts of moving to a new country and culture. Because that is what I promised you from day 1 of this blog writing adventure. An honest story every day. Not just a picture perfect happy life. But today is a good day. 

A day in which I can put my worries in the hands of the One that knows best how to handle them. A day in which I can ground myself in strength and peaceful thoughts. A day in which I can openly invite the uncertainty of the future. A day in which I can give myself a warm welcome to the second half of my online writing adventure. 

Thank you for sticking with me. Thank you for being supportive and strong when I wasn’t. Thank you for the love.

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