Day 194 – Reach out and receive

My sleeping pattern has shifted. For the better I must say. In a Dutch winter it’s impossible to get out of bed before 7 or 8, but here isn’t so much of an issue. I wake up without an alarm around 6 or 6.30. I especially love the mornings when I look at my phone and messages from all over the world come in. Filled with love, support, questions, hardship, challenges and beauty. Those messages make me feel alive.

Of course you can blame technology for a lot of things, but one thing that it does, is keep me closely connected to friendship all over the world.

So as I am still finding my rhythm in Kampala, I’ve taken time to write to people. I am sure I will get back into writing on paper too, but for now I’ve mainly used the technological version. And I absolutely love it.

While I was thinking about it, it sort of came to me that this blog is also letter writing in a way. Mainly to myself, since I don’t really know who reads all these little stories about my life. My letters online as well as the personal ones are basically just diary entries.

And that’s what I love about longer letters. They are a way to reflect and are wonderful to read back later on. Just a simple text gets off the radar. But letters stay around. You find them again, read them again and chew on them. Responses are more thought through.

So I have been trying to really write things down in the past weeks. Just commit my words to paper. To share. To reach out.

And I have received so much back. Waking up with the messages and emails in my inbox. Even if it is just a promise: “I’ll write you back, but sending you hugs for now.”

The joy of writing letters. Highly recommended. Reach out and receive.


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