Day 199 – Daily miracle

The moment right after a sunset. When the last little bit of light creeps in. Soon enough you will have to light a candle or turn a switch. But for a few precious moments, you can still see what’s around you. Stars are about to appear. Crickets are starting to sing their evening song. That has become one of my favourite hours of the day in my Kampala life. I sometimes just stand on the porch. Watching how the sky changes and the evening slowly making its way forward. Another day has ended.

But I also love the morning. When I wake up without an alarm because more than enough birds are singing their morning songs to welcome the day. I hear one of the guards sweep around the office. My clock ticks softly. The pages of my Bible crackle when I turn them. And all I can think is: “Lord gives us our daily miracle.”

(Jup, that’s another Paulo Coelho quote. Can’t help it. Love his books too much.)

At lunch time I sit down with my very Dutch piece of bread. As a spread, I use a fresh avocado. Some salt and pepper. Yum. That’s also what my new little friend shows by all the food on his tiny face. He laughs. I laugh. Re-energized for work again.

It’s past 5 pm. I want to finish that last thing from my to-do list. In my mind, I know exactly what I want, but I am not sure if I am capable enough to just make it happen in the program. However, in a few clicks, the form appears just as I had envisioned it. Little victory! Just as I pack up my books and clean my desk, a text comes in. I sit outside with the warm sun on my face. Life is kind to me today.

Thank you, Lord, for giving my more daily miracles then I can count.

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