Day 205 – Her story

২৪/৪/২০১৭তারিখ পুন্য হবে রানাপ্রাজার চার বছর,no more rana plaza অামি একজন গারমেন্টস শ্রমিক তাই অাল্লাহর কাছে ফরিয়াদ জানাই যেন rana plaza মত দুর্ঘটনা অামাদের জীবনে না ঘটে

Daliya Sikder

I guess most of you won’t have clue what this says. Me neither. But Google Translate can be a very useful friend at times and I kind of got the main point, I think. Basically, she reminded her Facebook world about Rana Plaza. Today it’s been 4 years since the clothing factory collapsed. Quick catch-up: it’s still the worst architectural disaster with the most victims. More than a thousand people died. Many more were injured for life.

In 2015, I walked around on the remains of it myself. A graveyard. I pulled a pair of United Colors of Benetton pants out of the wet and broken stones. And my heart broke.


I wrote a lot about the clothing industry and how I got involved personally in December. That’s the month that I only wore dresses. Every single day. My personal reflection on wearing dresses and clothes consciousness I shared for example on Day 77 – Dressember and Day 83 – It’s bigger than a dress.

But today I don’t want to share my opinions, my story, my ideas. It’s up to the woman that makes my clothes. Because it’s her daily life. Her struggle. Her fight. I am here to support her. Give her a platform and let the world know that this lady is out there. And lives with the negative consequences of our messed up globalised world every single day.

Being confronted with those consequences for women like Daliya had a huge impact on me. It showed me that we are both on a different side of the supply chain. My life couldn’t be more different from that of a girl in a factory. Yet there we were. Holding hands. Getting splashed by the water around us.

Through the means of social media, we are still connected. Today I am letting the power of social media speak. It’s not my message that counts. It’s Daliya’s. She is praying to God that this may never happen again. And I pray with her.

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