Day 206 – Blindness to my daily miracles

There is a fine balance between living by the day and planting a tree for future generations. If you would just live based on today, you wouldn’t see a reason to plant that tree. But if you would only live thinking about the future twenty years down the line, you probably wouldn’t get your hands in the soil and plant the seed today.

That’s why I love the idea of daily miracles so much. Because in order to see them, you need both. Grand expectations for future generations as well as an open mind during the practicalities of today.

But that’s easier said than done. I easily worry too much about the moment without thinking ahead. I don’t dare to receive. I will think, I will hope and I will pray. But actually believing that what I ask for happens. Maybe even sooner than I expect?

I am still a bit of the sceptical, pragmatic and a perfectionist. I rely on what I know that I can do and achieve. Sometimes those are useful and good qualities to have. But sometimes they can stand in the way of living life with an open and grateful heart that’s ready to receive daily miracles.

This blog has been convicting me so many times already. I’ll say one thing and then a couple days or a week later I do exactly the opposite. Do I not learn from my own lessons? I need to be constantly reminded of daily miracles. I need to be constantly reminded that God gives. Abundantly. Above and beyond anything I dare to ask for.

My daily miracle of today, Tuesday 25th of April, 2017:

I struggled with getting a set of questions from my online library into a draft project I had been working on. Everything was working fine, until the moment I transferred it from one part in the program to the other. Nothing worked. (In my mind I wrote a draft version of a blog about my love-hate relationship with technology, probably posting that later this week).

So I got up. Got a cup of coffee instead. Because just sitting behind that computer, not getting anything else done, wasn’t going to help for sure.

While getting myself some coffee, I shared my frustration with a colleague. She told me to just get back to work and keep trying. Things would work out she said.  So that’s what I did. After trying out a couple different things, I all of the sudden found a way in which it worked perfectly.

During lunch, I told her that I figured it out and that it got solved. She looked at me and said with a smile: “Oh, I knew it would. I asked God to fix it for you before the end of the day.”

Thank you, Lord, for giving me my daily miracle yet again. And forgive me for not recognising the hundreds and thousands of other daily miracles you have been throwing at me. I am simply just to blind to see them sometimes. 

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