Day 213 – Abundant life and too tired to capture it

It’s been hardly possible to keep up with writing. I write in my notebook, but can’t find the time, nor energy to publish my posts. And that’s okay, simply because I am exhausted. 

Party on Kingsday. A long, long journey east. Climbing a 3000+ meter mountain. Full days of capacity building. Sore legs. Intense bonding. 

I hardly have time to process it all. The Netherlands feels very, very far away. I don’t miss it. And I am not sure how I feel about that. 

Something is changing in me. It’s a realisation that I might be made for life like this. Because it makes me feel alive. More than being anywhere else in the world. I want to be here. In the middle of nowhere in Uganda. Seeing Kenya in the distance. Feeling the fresh night air on my skin which is slowly getting used to the sun. Bonding with people that are so different, yet so incredibly the same to me.

Feeling intensly human. With lots of thoughts, faults, doubts, questions and feelings. But most of all, just incredibly tired. Too tired to capture this one beautiful, extraordinarily abundant life of mine. 

Picture credits go to my wonderful colleague, who organized this awesome hiking trip. Also the main reason why I haven’t been writing over the past days. All worth it though. 

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