Day 215 – Slowly falling in love

It’s totally happening. I am slowly falling in love with Uganda. Especially on days like today. On the road. Every turn is more beautiful than the last one. Mountains, trees, plants and endless skies. But even more so, the stories and the laughter of the people. 

Right now I am sitting outside. A random rainbow appears right in front of a dark cloud in a blue sky. Men are laughing. Birds are singing. 

It’s still a new feeling. It’s bubbling somewhere deep down. But now I have seen all the programme areas and been across the country, it’s undeniable. 

And it confuses me.

My first time in East Africa was four years ago. I loved it back then. But I honestly never had the urge to go back. I didn’t have this ‘I need to live in Africa virus’ that some people around me had. When Uganda came up as an opportunity I responded initially to the content of the job, much more than the country. 

But as I am travelling around and learning more about this place, I feel my interest grow. I want to learn more. I want to explore, dive in and experience more. 

I already feel that a year is going to be way too short. 

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