This morning I walked into the office and I found a hammer on my desk. It’s funny how holding a hammer in your hand makes you immediately feel strong and powerful. After all my dramatic and deep feelings posts, I thought it was time to hammer some nails. Feel power. And then write a happy blog.

One of my first blogs was about Esther. She was this ‘miss-election-turned-queen-girl’, not always strong and brave, but in the moment that it really mattered she stood up for her people. Head up high.

I wish I was more like Esther. Like a strong girl. Holding my hammer and nailing it.

Sometimes you need to stop whining though and just go out and be like an Esther. Not just think and write about it. But be one. In every interaction. In every encounter. Grateful for life. Giving rather than holding on.

So as I hang up my broom and towel on the nails I just hammered into the door, I already have an idea on what to do tomorrow differently than today.

To be a little more like Esther. Girl with the hammer.