Day 224 – Lazy saturdays

I like to be productive. Always doing something or planning the next thing. You can call that hard-working, but it also has a bit of perfectionism to it. That’s why I am trying to teach myself to not plan stuff too much in advance sometimes. Like this weekend. I knew this was one of the first weekends that I actually had time to really plan on my own. (Rather than just recovering from an intensive week in the field for example.) So when I woke up this morning, everything was possible.

Lazy Saturdays. At some point, I just napped on my couch while I was listening to a podcast.

And then I planned to do some things, that are still not done yet. Oops. O well, tomorrow is another day. At least I baked that long-promised apple pie. And I finally went running again. So all in all a good day. An easy day. A typical Saturday.

What I found remarkable is how much a home I feel at my place. During the week it’s just an office compound, but in the evenings and weekends, it feels like a different place to me. One of the things I expected to struggle with beforehand was this work life/private life balance, but in terms of living space and office space, I am not really finding it that difficult at all. I guess I adjusted more easily than I expected beforehand.

Either way, lazy Saturdays at home are wonderful. They are my favourite. My introverted self can breathe again. So even lazy Saturdays can be very productive and refreshing for your soul.

So now let’s give the social part of me some fun times in the city. Saturday evening, I am ready for ya.

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