Day 244 & 245 – Womanhood

This weekend so far has been really, really good. (Notice I have started to use double words. It’s a Ugandan thing. People do it here all the time when they talk.) Either way, why has it been that good? The answer is simply: womanhood.

“It’s the fire in my eyes,
And the flash of my teeth,
The swing in my waist,
And the joy in my feet.
I’m a woman

Maya Angelou

Today I went to my first buti yoga class. And it was amazing. So much fun. So much sweat. So much swing in the waist. So many planks and down dogs and hip shaking. I never heard of this form of yoga before and I am going to need lots of practice to get that core strength built up, but I am going to smile and sweat through it. Simply being on the mat on a Saturday morning, surrounded by all these beautiful women made me realise that being present in that moment is all that mattered.

We, women, have the tendency to think we aren’t good enough. We want to cling to our safety, yet we tend to dwell in our insecurities. The moments we don’t like our bodies are so much stronger than the ones that we do love our bodies fully. Our souls, hearts, minds and bodies are disconnected. Inside our bones as well as in communion with the rest of the world. We, women, tend to be so much more unkind, harsh and brutal towards ourselves than anyone else.

You know what? I think I need to say something about the power of being a woman. I’ve had those moments that I struggled with being a woman. Where I have felt that I was worthless because of my gender. Where Icriticisedicized, judged and discriminated against because of my gender. But I’ve also learned to love the wonderful ways of womanhood.

Part of being a woman is my love for feeding people. Few things make me happier than investing time and love into a good meal and sharing it with loved ones around the table. Tonight I invited a couple women over for dinner. All from different countries. With different stories and background, yet all powerful ladies with beautiful hearts and bodies. Sharing in womanhood. And yes, that includes talking about all the obvious subjects such as periods and other body issues. Without taboos. Without shame. Simply because that’s how we are made.

Being a woman is something pretty special. Something that I fully embrace. I am proud to be a woman. And so should you. Be proud of who you are. Regardless of your sex. Your gender or however you wish to identify. I don’t care. As long as you embrace yourself. Struggle with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Redefine yourself. Engage with yourself. Be yourself.  Phenomenally.

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