Day 249 – Gifts from home

I love packages. Send me a letter. A hand-written note. Or something that requires tape and stamps, and I am the happiest person. Today was a good day. I couldn’t sleep much last night, woke up all broken, but then simply getting a package made my day so much better. It had little notes, pictures, littles bits of home and a beautiful leather bracelet.

In general, I am really not a materialistic person. I can do easily without things. Yet I realise that’s easy for me to say since I have never really lacked anything in life. I have always had enough. I have always been provided for.

Yet these little treasures aren’t about the physicality of it. They are about the heart. Because even though my family is far away, they feel incredibly close with little through gestures like these paper packages. The words that speak to my heart and tell me: “you are deeply loved.”

And that is all that matters.

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