Day 263 – Laundry day

I talked about it with a friend on Sunday over lunch. How everyone back at home seems the think that when you live abroad, your life is always on a roller coaster high. The amazing trips you get to do, people from all over the world you get to meet and basically wonderful life you get to live. Dare anything then to be happy. Because after all, you left everyone behind because you thought life would be better somewhere else, right?

She said: “You know what hurts the most? Friends don’t ask how I am doing. They just assume you’re fine. That your life is perfect. They don’t seem to want to know it’s damn hard sometimes. Especially when you are alone in a foreign country.”

I know exactly how that feels. Skyping with friends the other week stirred up some thoughts. They wanted to know what the most beautiful moments were of living in Uganda. And sure, I have plenty of them already and hope to gather much more, but what about the moments that just suck. Or are just plain boring and normal.

No matter where I am in the world, I am really quite an introvert. Meeting new people, socialising, it really costs me more effort and energy than you might want to believe when you see me interact in social settings. I manage just fine. I seem to effortlessly move around in various social circles. And don’t get me wrong I love being out. I love dinner dates with friends. Or going to my yoga class.

Yet life is also pretty normal. Domestic. Simple. Boring?

So my day after work today? Send a text to a friend. Drank a glass of water with ginger and lemon. Ate a piece of my mango-banana bread. Went running. Did some yoga because my shoulders were tense and tight. Made myself some toast with cheese, tomato and green pepper. And a salad with avocado and basil. I put some clean sheets on my bed. Swept the floor. And I folded a mountain of laundry while listening to a book.

O, how I love the ordinary, normal life of every day. Nothing special, just comfortable. And that in itself is enough for me.



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