Day 264 – To my dear friend,

It’s a Thursday evening. Only 101 days left of my writing project. So I’d better make them count, huh? I’m listening to some Norah Jonas music. The power is off tonight. It went off a bit after 6. I’d just finished making a salsa for tomorrow’s girls night and then the blender stopped working. C’est la vie en Afrique, right? And now it’s raining outside. So I’m snuggling on my couch with a cup of tea and candles keeping me company. But enough about my after work shenanigans. Let’s talk about you.

Earlier this week, I promised you a letter. Just like I wrote one to dear future husband a couple weeks ago. Although that one wasn’t really meant to be serious. This one is. I’ve been trying to think all week about what I wanted to write to you. And now I am actually taking the time to sit down and write you, I don’t know anymore. Maybe all I want to say is this:

It’s okay. Wherever you are right now. You’re good enough. It might not be perfect. But remember that it’s through the cracks, that the light gets in.

Being a twenty-something year old can be quite challenging, right? It’s supposed to be the most amazing time in our lives. Where we learn to stand on our own two feet. We don’t have to listen to our parents anymore, even though we secretly appreciate their advice more than ever. We get to make our own money. We get to study, learn and spend time with who we want, for how long we when and wherever we want. We seem to have all the freedom in the world.

Yet, we don’t often feel that free, right?

Instead, we feel pressured to living a life that’s beautiful and perfect. We feel alone. So incredibly alone sometimes. No matter whether we are single, together, long-distance lovers or broken hearted lovers, we are constantly searching. Unsure of what the next step will be. Do I stay? Do I go home?

I know life can be hard and confusing. Sometimes it’s difficult to get out of bed. You feel sick and cold and hungry and tired and angry. I do too sometimes. I don’t really know how to do life sometimes. Yet I try to tackle each day with a gratefulness that is not my own.

My darling friend, as much as I want to fix you, as much as I want to fix everything for you and the whole world too while I am at it. I can’t. I wish I could. Yet you will have to find ways to fill up that love tank of yours on your own. Well, not really actually. I believe that Jesus will fill our hearts with love, joy and happiness into forever. The only thing we have to do is simply tell Him our heart is broken and that we don’t know where to go anymore.

We aren’t always close in physical distance. Sometimes we are very far away from each other. Then know that I miss you. That I will miss you. Yet our hearts will be connected. I am not afraid to lose you. Even though we might go our separate ways for a little while, I am sure that we will reconnect some day and simply smile at all that we have been through, together or apart.

I just want you to know that I am already so incredibly proud of you. I mean, just look at where you are at now! Who could have thought that a while back, huh? Life takes us in unexpected directions. And I am just so proud I get to see you grow, learn and develop into the already beautiful person that you are.

Carpe diem. Be awesome. Work hard. Sing. Dance. Bake apple pies. Build the largest fires possible. Pray. Be kind. Cry when you feel like it. Debate with passion. Smile with your heart. Laugh out loud. Be a little crazy. Okay, a lot crazy. Enjoy being free. Think before you act. Speak wise words and listen more. Love.

In the end, everything will be just all right. And for now, it is simply good enough. Remember that I will always be there for you. Because I care about you. Because you are worthy of being loved.

Much love,

Your friend,


p.s. I made that banana-mango bread on Monday. That’s gone. Sorry. I’ll make a new one, next time you come visit me, okay?

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