Day 269 – The ordinary days

I love the blue sky just before sunset. It’s so intense and dark and beautiful. It changes every minute and then all the sudden it’s gone. It’s just pitch black. The day is over. It’s one of those days were I simply don’t mind. It’s been a long day. Not particularly bad or anything. Not a great day either. Simply just a day.

Sometimes I notice myself thinking: “what awesome thing happened today that I can write about?” But you know what? Sometimes life isn’t all that awesome. Things just happen. You wake up. Have breakfast. Go to work. Work. Finish work. Make food. Eat. Do something relaxing. Go to sleep.

Well, today is definitely one of those days. Nothing much inspiring. Just a regular day. And you know what? That’s totally okay. I don’t have to live this life filled with grandeur and marvelling impressions every single day. Sometimes I am perfectly happy with the ordinary. The normal. The absolutely nothing spectacular happened days.

Because I believe that if you learn to love those, you will only become more grateful. More appreciative of the big moments as well as the small. Sometimes it’s enough to just drink your cup of tea, do the dishes and then go sleep.

So no big thoughts today. No long stories. Simply saying: good night, people. Tomorrow is a new day.

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