Day 270 – How to live for beginners

It’s been a while since I wrote about silence, spirituality and all that jazz. When I was back home in the fall I regularly visited the monastery close by. I would go for walks in the woods and then just sit for some time in the cold and quiet abbey. I remember writing about a visit to the monks. What I remember well from that afternoon was the ordinary, basically what I wrote about yesterday. Monks, even today are simply just like you and me. Normal people with good moods and bad moods. Amazing days and hard days. Laughter and tears.

Ever since a visit a couple years ago to that abbey, I have been struck by the silence of that place. It’s mystical, almost holy and yet so incredibly grounding at the same time. The book on today’s picture has been on my reading list for a long time now. Definitely made me happy to just find it hidden in the corner of our little library at the office. I can’t wait to get started. To learn and to explore this book about the Benedict ways of living.

And yet, somewhere in me, the title ‘A rule of life for beginners’ puts me off. It just sounds like another really bad self-help book. Like you start as a beginner and have to be an expert by the end of it. If there is one thing, that I learn from walking pilgrimages, reading books, being silent is that I know so little about life and how to live it. That the only thing I can do is just breathe and simply live it through.

Also, don’t you like how the colours of my book matched with the plants next to my house and my clothes? It’s those little things in life that just make me happy and literally make me smile for the rest of the day. Plus I just got to talk to my sister and plan a bit of our upcoming trip. So excited! And maybe that’s where we should all begin. Simply being excited and full of expectation. Expectation both the good and the bad. Being excited about the easy days and more challenging ones. The happy and the sad. Maybe my heart will become a bit like a silent Abbey after all in which peace and love can live happily ever after.

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