Day 276 – Be intelligent

I find this one the most daunting of all 5 transcendental imperatives that I am exploring this week. For me this is not about being book smart, but about being life smart. And when are we ever really life smart? Today one of my colleagues said: “learning happens until we are buried.”

I am not an Einstein. I am not crazy intelligent. I don’t remember all the grades from specific courses in university. They were good, really good even, but I would credit them more to hard work than to intelligence.

Intelligence sometimes scares me. Learning gets me excited.

I’ve realised that working with ZOA brings me both in a way. I get to be intelligent, develop knowledge, skills, technical expertise in M&E while I am in the Kampala office. Yet the real learning, the life smart type of learning happens when I am in the field. Like today, when watching the guys playing football. Listening to the women while having lunch. It’s really about engaging, asking questions, discussing and people will share.

To be intelligent. It’s not just about being the smartest kid in the school. It’s about being open to learn. Didn’t some famous person say: “the more I know, the more I realise how little I know?”

And maybe that’s the character of true intelligence.

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