Day 277 & 278 – Be reasonable. Be responsible.

Sound advice. It sounds so simple. So logical. These come quite naturally to me, I think. I remember last year, when I was working at Camp Rising Sun in the States. One of the girls I worked with, I also went to camp with when I was 15. She is a brilliant writer, a beautiful person and is one of the kindest souls I have ever met. Last summer we laughed a lot. A lot more than we used to do before. A lot more than when we were teenagers. She said: “we took life way too serious when we were young.”

We probably did. We were both responsible teenagers that wanted to do everything perfect in every way. I still struggle a bit (okay, a lot) with trying to be perfect. 

Yet these transcendental imperatives teach me to be reasonable as well. You don’t always have to go to the extreme end. Maybe being responsible is actually saying: “you know what? This is good enough.” 

Because I am good enough. 

I am tired. I am really looking forward to a decent cup of coffee this weekend. I want to wear a dress, but I didn’t bring any on this trip. I have a lot of work to do catching up with emails, but mostly edits to surveys and data collections. I am clean because I just showered. I am more out of shape than I want to be. But hey, c’est la vie. 

I am also incredibly blessed with the life I get to live each day. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn every day. I am becoming a richer person through every moment. I am good enough. 

Be reasonable. Be responsible. 

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